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What’s the real problem?

Another shooting rocks the US. Lori Lightweight and Kamala Harris come off strong yet again. Joe Biden continues to do Joe Biden things. Listen here to learn how the democrats are tearing down America and destroying our beloved country.

Erielle Davidson

We have a special guest Erielle Davidson, associate director of Center for the Middle East & Int’l Law (CMEIL), on today’s show. Mike, Mike, and Erielle discuss the record 7% rise in inflation due to Joe Biden’s presidency. They also discuss foreign politics in the Middle East, the nepotism in Washington D.C., and how current politicians are not held accountable for their massive mistakes that cost human lives. They also talk about the current issues with COVID 19 and the mandates that Democrats are pushing on people that prevent people from living normal lives. Listen to this and more on today’s episode.

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