Monthly Archives: March 2022

Joe Kent

TFG Truth welcomes a special guest, Joe Kent, a congressional candidate. Mike and Joe discuss Biden’s failed leadership of the country, how Biden is handling military issues and the lie of the big COVID scare. Listen to this and much more on today’s episode.

Dr. Grant Campbell

In today’s show, we have an exceptional guest, Dr. Grant Campbell, to talk about COVID and its impact on mental health. Mike Sperrazza interviews Dr. Campbell and gets his take on the effects of COVID on the general populace. Listen here for all the details.

Tim Swain

Tim Swain is our special guest on today’s show of TFG Truth. Mike and Glenn interview Tim as he runs for the U.S. Senate. The talk about the issues happening in America and what changes Tim wants to bring to Government. Listen here for the details.

Harrison Rogers

Mike Hoeflich is taking the week off as we have special guest Harrison Rogers on today’s show. Harrison is CEO of the anti-woke movement. Mike and Harrison discuss the leftist movement and talk about ignorance vs. planning. Harrison details how there may be a bigger picture to all of the liberal issues happening in the U.S. Listen to this and much more in this episode.