Monthly Archives: February 2022

Kingsley Cortes

We are happy to have a special guest Kingsley Cortez, former Trump campaign executive assistant, and deputy to the CEO of Gettr. Kingsley, Mike, and Mike discuss the current discrimination of conservatives in the U.S. Kingsley explains that it is important, now more than ever for conservatives to stand their ground against the liberal left. They discuss Kingsley’s time in college and how conservatives in higher education are being discriminated against for their political views. Lastly, they discuss the lockdown issues with COVID, the tyranny happening in Canada and much more. Listen here for all the details.

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat

We have a very special guest today. We would like to welcome Dr. Janette Nesheiwat to today’s show. Dr. Nesheiwat is a board-certified medical doctor in family and emergency medicine. Mike, Mike, and Dr. Nesheiwat go into the details regarding COVID data presented by the CDC. There is a lot of confusion regarding COVID 19 and the data that surrounds it due to political agendas. Dr. Nesheiwat explains that only bits and pieces of COVID data are being revealed to the public and not all is that it seems with COVID. They also discuss the issues surrounding masks and how the mask mandate is backward. Listen here for the full story.

Sofia Carbone

Welcome to another episode of TFG Truth. Mike and Mike have special guest Sofia Carbone, host of the podcast, In The Kitchen. Mike, Mike, and Sophia discuss the mess Biden and Harris are making in the U.S. They also discuss the recent issue involving Whoopi Goldberg and the infamous accusation she makes about the holocaust and the survivors. Lastly, they discuss the mask charade that is still plaguing the U.S. and how left-wing lunatics are doing everything they can to keep masks on people. Listen here to this, plus more on this week’s episode.