Monthly Archives: January 2022

Zeek Arkham

This is a special edition of TFG Truth. On today’s show, we have a special guest, a New York City cop and host of the podcast Reasonable Suspicion and Leaning Right, Zeek Arkham. Mike, Mike, and Zeek discuss the recent increase in crime in New York and other Democrat-run cities. They also discuss the abundant discrimination of police officers in New York and the criminals that continue to run loose due to the bail reform. Listen to this and much more on today’s episode.


Kylie Stone

We have special guest Kylie Stone on today’s episode. Kylie is a producer at Turning Point USA. Learn about Kylie as we discuss colleges and education in the U.S. They discuss how college professors indoctrinate students into the woke, Marxist ideology. Kylie shares her experience with a professor trying to impose his views on every student or be subject to a failing grade. They also discuss the idea of right and wrong associated with right and left political viewpoints and much more. Listen here for details!

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Kurt Schlichter

Mike and Mike have special guest Kurt Schlichter on today’s episode. Kurt is the senior columnist for Get to know Kurt a little more as they discuss military operations during his military career. They also talk about questioning major organizations such as the CDC, the FBI, and more that had significant, trustworthy influence before the rise of Democrat control. Lastly, they discuss the American Dream and what American citizens want for their country and everyday livelihood. Listen here for complete details.

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Erielle Davidson

We have a special guest Erielle Davidson, associate director of Center for the Middle East & Int’l Law (CMEIL), on today’s show. Mike, Mike, and Erielle discuss the record 7% rise in inflation due to Joe Biden’s presidency. They also discuss foreign politics in the Middle East, the nepotism in Washington D.C., and how current politicians are not held accountable for their massive mistakes that cost human lives. They also talk about the current issues with COVID 19 and the mandates that Democrats are pushing on people that prevent people from living normal lives. Listen to this and more on today’s episode.

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