Monthly Archives: December 2021

Tony Kinnett

Tony Kinnett, Indianapolis, Indiana’s School Administrator, joins the TFG Truth show with Mike and Mike. Tony made national news on speaking out about CRT or Critical Race Theory being taught in schools. Tony explains his story about tackling the issues of CRT and educating the public on CRTs true intentions. Listen here for all the details.

Robby Dinero

We have special guest Robby Dinero on today’s episode of TFG Truth. Mike and Mike discuss the current COVID-19 situation in Western New York with Robby. They also discuss Governor Kathy Hochul’s policies on COVID-19 and why it hurts local businesses but benefits politicians and big corporate businesses. Robby also recounts his story involving the police at Orchard Park Central School. Listen here for all the details.

David Bellavia

Mike and Mike have the one and only David Bellavia, author of House to House as the special guest for the TFG Truth Podcast. They talk politics, issues with the democratic party, Governor Kathy Hochul, and much more. Watch here for the full details.

Rapid Fire

Mike and Mike have a rapid-fire discussion about COVID, issues with the Biden Administration, the lies that mainstream media continue to spread, and New York’s mandates upon its citizens. Listen here for the latest news.

Jerry Wayne

Mike and Mike have a very special guest on today’s show. We welcome Jerry Wayne, the man who confronted Sleepy Joe Biden on gun rights. They discuss what went down when Jerry spoke with Biden as well as educate people on gun rights, statistics, and the differences between certain types of firearms. Listen to this and more on today’s episode.