Monthly Archives: October 2021

Bad to Worse

Mike and Mike have special guest Morgan Zegers, founder, and CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism and Co-Founder of the family-owned business Zegers Freedom Flags. Morgan is also a podcaster for Turning Point USA. They discuss the American Dream, past and present work ethics, and socialism in the US. They also talk about vaccine mandates, the issues with current societal changes that could impact your children, and much more. Listen here for the details.

Battles Between Owners & Tenants

The battle rages on between owners and tenants. The tenants want free housing, and the owners want to be paid their rent. This is the world the Biden Administration wants for every American citizen. Listen Here for more on today’s episode.

Cuellar vs. Ocasio-Cortez

Cuellar vs. Ocasio-Cortez, who would win this New York Congressional Candidate matchup? We have special guest Desi Cuellar, who is running against Ocasio-Cortez in the upcoming election. The Mikes and Desi discuss the issues with Ocasio-Cortez, her hypocrite attitude, and the insane socialist policies she continues to push on New York and the country. The Mikes and Desi also discuss the massive unemployment issue in the U.S., the rise of inflation, and much more. Learn about Desi and the reason why he is fighting for a better New York in this episode.

Sheriff Mark J. Dannels | Border Update

Sheriff Mark J. Dannels of Cochise County Sheriff’s Department is back on the show to update us on the border crisis. Mark explains the negative changes happening at the southern border and how badly illegal immigration has run rampant in the area. Listen here for details.

Interview: Robby Starbuck

Special guest Robby Starbuck joins Mike and Mike to talk about Government overreach and the political divide in the country. Robby is running for Congress for the 2022 election and wants to stop the political divide and the constant attacks from the left against conservatives. Watch here for the full details.