Monthly Archives: September 2021

COVID Optics with Jon Root

Mike and Mike have special guest Jon Root from Turning Point USA as they discuss the strong conservative movement happening all over the country. The Mikes and Jon call out the left’s hypocrisy as the lunatic leftist mob continues to harass Turning Point USA chapters on campuses across the U.S. They discuss the COVID-19 Pandemic political issues, conservative censorship in the media, and much more. Watch the interview here!

Interview: Nick Langworthy

TFG Truth has Nick Langworthy, chair of the New York State Republican Committee, on today’s episode. They discuss Kathy Hochul’s extreme mandates that she plans to put in place. Covid vaccine requirements to enter certain establishments, school mask mandates are just some of the orders she has already done. Learn all about the totalitarian steps Kathy wants to take to destroy New York and your freedoms. Watch here for details.

Truth Be Told

Intentional, Incompetence, or Idiots? Mike and Mike talk about the consequences of the COVID-19 vaccine and why people place blind trust in the FDA. They also discuss Chicago shootings, destructive media narratives, and issues at the U.S. southern border. Watch here for full details.

Seth Dillon The Babylon Bee

The Financial Guys Podcast welcomes special guest Seth Dillion, CEO of The Babylon Bee. Learn about The Babylon Bee and how they fight media censorship. Watch the full interview here.

Lavern Spicer

TFG Truth has special guest Lavern Spicer on today’s episode. Lavern Spicer is a congressional candidate for the U.S. House in District 24, covering part of Miami, Florida, and other nearby areas. Mike and Lavern discuss the U.S. Border crisis, the issues with the Biden Administration, masks, COVID-19, and much more. Learn about Lavern here!

Demanding Change

Grab your popcorn and take a seat. Mike and Mike examine the Biden Administration’s epic fails. They discuss everything leading up to Biden’s Afghanistan failure and his cognitive decline. Lastly, they talk about the inconsistency of significant media coverage when covering interviews from one democrat leader to another. Watch all this and more today.

Laura Loomer

Breaking news: Mike Sperrazza is with Florida Congressional Candidate and Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer to discuss fake news, censorship, the attack on the constitution, and the current situation in Afghanistan. They discuss ISIS-K, how Biden left U.S. troops in the hands of the Taliban, and much more. Watch this exclusive interview here.