Monthly Archives: August 2021

Batavia Grand Opening

Mike Sperrazza and Jay Blanchard were at the Batavia Office Grand Opening to discuss the recent Afghanistan issues. As issues with the Biden Administration’s handling continue to get worse, Mike and Jay talk about what everyday American’s are feeling as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is fast approaching. Watch here for all the details.

Bonus Interview: Robert Ortt

Get ready for a bonus episode. Mike and Mike have a special guest New York State Senator, Rob Ortt. Rob, Mike, and Mike talk about Cuomo’s resignation and what it could look like if Cuomo were impeached, from civil charges to criminal charges against Cuomo. Enjoy the bonus episode.

Shambles In Seconds

What is happening in New York? Mike and Mike discuss the lunacy of vaccine passports required to get coffee in New York. As the Democrats become more hypocritical with the proof of i.d. and vaccine passports for coffee, the Dems refuse to accept voter i.d. because it’s racist. Mike and Mike also analyze the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. They also discuss recent COVID news, vaccines, and the complete incompetence of Joe Biden and his administration. Watch here for the details.

Confusion then Resistance

Mike and Mike report on recent COVID-19 issues, such as masks for school children, as well as potential lockdowns. They also discuss Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, a massive win for the people of New York. Mike and Mike continue to report the hypocrisy of the Democrat left. Watch here for the details.

Cancel Creepy Cuomo

Grab a bucket because what is covered in this episode will make you sick. Mike and Mike discuss the outcome of the investigation into King Cuomo regarding various sexual harassment claims, they take a closer look at his pathetic attempt at an apology, and the guys each share what they think is next in regards to the cancellation of NYS Governor, Creepy Cuomo.