Monthly Archives: July 2021

Simply Covid

Welcome back to TFG Truth with Mike and Mike. Let’s take you on a journey down memory lane with Covid-19. Let’s go back to the beginning, where it began in the U.S., and what the future looks like regarding the recent resurfacing of “recommendations” from the CDC to mask up. Let’s explore the beginnings of Simply Covid to the complicated, convoluted mess we are in today with the CDC updated guidelines. Did we mention that we saw this coming 1,000 miles away? Watch here for the details.

COVID “Breakthroughs”

Welcome back to TFG Truth with Mike and Mike. The Mikes discuss COVID-19 and CRT (Critical Race Theory) and how they continue to dominate the mainstream media. They also discuss the democrat hypocrisy when Texas Democrats take a “hero trip” flight without makes to Washington D.C. and ultimately become infected. As we open up more as a country and the economy starts to spring back to life, the democrats are getting desperate to keep control by instilling more fear into the lives of many Americans. Watch here for all the details on COVID “Breakthroughs”.

Calling Upon Conservatives

In this episode of TFG Truth, Mike and Mike have another sit-down with Stefan Mychajliw. Stefan and both Mikes discuss Buffalo’s new Socialist Mayor as well as the Working Families Party. They also talk about leftist issues such as why liberals hate America and more. Watch here for all the details.